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Cleveland's #1 most requested rock tribute to the 80's and more!


Cleveland's Breakfast Club was formed in 2000 in Cleveland, Ohio. With a primary focus on the greatest hits of the 80's, unmatched showmanship, and a stellar lineup of musicians, they are the ultimate tribute to one of the best decades in modern music. Ranging from the great pop stylings of Journey, Rick Springfield, Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi, The Cure, The Police, The Cars, and Prince, to the harder rock sounds of Def Leppard, Guns and Roses, Van Halen, AC/DC, Poison, and Motley Crue, they are sure to keep the dance floor packed and the crowd singing along all night! Although their focus is on the 80's, Cleveland's Breakfast Club is not limited to just that era. This highly versatile 4 piece band is versed in all styles of music with nearly 120 combined years of professional playing experience. They can custom build a song list to your event/clients liking. Want to hear a great medley by The Beatles and The Eagles or the hot new dance songs by the Killers or Bruno Mars? Cleveland's Breakfast Club will make your event one that people talk about for a long time and won't soon forget! 


 Check out our events calendar to see where you can come party!


  • “Check out Cleveland’s Breakfast Club first chance you get! Consummate musicians come together to celebrate the best decade of music ever and, it's RAD!”

    Debbie Gibson
  • “I've known Paul Sidoti for many years. A fellow Ohioan who certainly got his fill of 'Classic Rock' here in the heartland!! I sat in with his Eagles' tribute band, Tequila Sunrise, and they were INCREDIBLE!!! He is ALWAYS great on and off the stage....that being said....any and every project that Paul puts his hands on simply shines and is very successful.....(You don't just get the Taylor Swift guitar gig unless you earn it).

    Cleveland’s Breakfast Club is his latest project and they are AMAZING!!! Please go out and hear will NOT be disappointed... The 80's covers are perfect and the Eagles' catalogue is OUTSTANDING!!! BRAVO Paul on your new band.... Cleveland’s Breakfast Club....ROCKS!!!!

    (PS....can I sit in with you guys sometime??)” 

    Joe Vitale
    Drums, keyboards, percussion
    - Joe Walsh, Eagles, & Crosby, Stills, & Nash
  •  “Wow!! It was almost like hearing us play these tunes! My good buddy Paul nailed my solos and the vocals sound great! Thanks for flying the Night Ranger banner. Cleveland’s Breakfast Club rocks!!” 

    Brad Gillis
    Guitars, Vocals
    - Night Ranger 
  • "Incredible! The band sounds super tight. Paul is a dear friend and it's so cool that you all are playing our songs. Great job guys!”

    Kelly Keagy
    Drums, Vocals
    - Night Ranger
  • “Cleveland’s Breakfast Club rocks man!! They sound just like the record and I loved jamming KISS, Van Halen, and Ozzy Osbourne with them! They’re also my very good amigos! Rock on!!” 

    Omar Vizquel
    Cleveland Indians Shortstop 1994-2004
  •  "I've known a couple of the guys in Cleveland's Breakfast Club for 15 years. They played with us at Tribe Jam concerts in 1999 and 2000 and absolutely rocked the place! It was a blast getting to play guitar on all my favorite 80's classics and I even invited my good friend, Eddie Money, as a guest artist. Alan White from Yes joined on drums and together with Paul and Brian we blazed through all of Eddie's biggest hits. They are an unbelievable band and also a great group of guys.”

    Mark Langston
    Los Angeles Angels Radio Announcer, pitcher for Cleveland Indians 1999-2000, California Angels 1990-97
  • “Cleveland’s Breakfast Club is one of my all-time favorite bands! Being such a big fan of the 80’s they do all the classics so perfectly. I actually played in a band with drummer, Tim Burris, years ago and he’s a real sweetheart. I’ve known Paul a number of years as well and saw him on the big concert stage this past year. Just great, great guys and the perfect band for any event. We’ve had them on the show many times and they are one of our viewers' favorites! Go check them out if they’re in your area. It’s a great night of nostalgia!” 

    Stefani Schaefer
    FOX 8 News Cleveland anchor